Episode 016: Birds and Bees and Kids: How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

featuring Amy Lang

We have a serious parenting problem. We have to stop thinking that talking to kids about sex is going to hurt them, ruin them or encourage them to have sex. Research shows the opposite is true. The average age teens have sex for the first time is 17. They’re going to have it whether or not you approve. You have a choice. Are you going to give them the information they need to successfully navigate their sexuality?

Are you going to let your teen have sex without knowing how to avoid pregnancy and STDs? Do you want them to know that sex is about connection, communication and mutual pleasure? Or are you going to let them figure it out on their own and hope for the best? Do you want your kids learning about sex through trial and error or on the internet? In this eye opening conversation Amy Lang shares how to talk to kids of all ages about sex. You’ll discover how to talk to your 5 year old and how to start the conversation with your teen if you put it off until now.


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Amy’s Birds & Bees Solutions Center for Parents offers pretty much everything you need to rock the talks from preschool to middle school. Normally $69, as a gift to my listeners, you can access it all for free. Use Code ROBIN.

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Amy Lang ‘s Books

Amy Lang

Amy Lang

Special Guest

A sexual health educator for over 25 years, Amy Lang helps parents of all beliefs talk with kids about all things birds and bees. She is the author of two books – one for parents and one for teens and has a podcast called Just Say This! Amy’s talks, books, online resource center and podcast helps parents learn how to talk with their kids about this important and awkward part of life. Amy is still married to her first husband and they are are the proud parents of a sweet 19 year old man-child. She lives in Seattle and you can learn more about Amy and her work at Birds And Bees And Kids.com

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