Episode 023: Healing HPV Naturally

featuring Christina Coblish

If you’ve ever had an abnormal Pap Smear result, you understand how distressing it is to hear you may be at risk for cervical cancer. Often this news is accompanied with a diagnosis of HPV (human papilloma virus). Depending on the severity of damage to the cervix, the approach is either to “watch & wait” to see if it gets worse, or to cut out, burn off or freeze the abnormal cells. The procedures used can put future fertility at risk and can have unexpected side effects like pain with sex.

A cervical dysplasia and HPV diagnosis can fundamentally impact the relationship a woman has with her body and sexuality.  In this conversation, my guest Christina Coblish and I, discuss how we healed our cervixes and got rid of HPV naturally using an aggressive holistic approach. This is good news for men who face an increasing risk of oral and throat cancers caused by HPV and don’t have the same range of treatment options available. There’s lots we can do to fight back against HPV.

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Complete 3-Day Immune Boosting “HPV Diet” Sample Meal-Plan

Certain vitamins and minerals have been shown specifically to help boost the immune response when managing HPV. The main nutrients are: Folate, Vitamin A / Beta Carotenes, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Indole-3-Carbinol, DIM, Curcumin, & Cruciferous Vegetables.

Dr. Christina has created this 3-day meal plan which includes:

  • One simple shopping list for all 3 days.
  • Simple, detailed recipes.
  • 3 main meals per day & 3 snacks per day.
  • Easy leftover meals to save money and time.
  • Calculated daily totals for vitamins and nutrients.

The ingredients for each snack and meal have been chosen specifically because they have been shown to positively impact the immune system and help target HPV. 

When you opt in for this meal plan, you will also get access to Dr. Christina’s HPV and cervical dysplasia resource library which has: lists of HPV supplements with trusted brands, holistic healing ebooks, and resources about healing the gut and inflammation in the body to maximize the immune system.


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 Christina Coblish

Christina Coblish

Special Guest

Christina Coblish was diagnosed with moderate to severe cervical dysplasia about 4 years ago while she was obtaining her doctorate in graduate school. She was told that her only option was a medical procedure called LEEP, but as she was training to become a holistic practitioner herself, she wanted to explore a less invasive option. With a naturopath, she committed to 6 very dedicated months of natural treatments and lifestyle changes. At the end of 6 months she got her first normal pap. It’s been 4 years since this time and she continues to have normal paps.

Christina is now an upper cervical specific chiropractor who practices in Boulder, Colorado. When she is not working with patients directly in her practice, she is educating on her blog, Facebook page and YouTube channel about holistic options for managing HPV and offers online group programs that support women through lifestyle changes, HPV diets, & addition of supplements.

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