Episode 059: Expanding Our Pleasure

featuring Amanda Testa

Have you ever asked someone what they wanted or liked only to have them say “I don’t know”? Why is it that we either don’t know what we desire or are too afraid or embarrassed to say it out loud? There’s a lot of stigma around pleasure, especially when it comes to a woman’s pleasure. Our culture encourages us to disconnect from our bodies and to feel shame about things that are pleasurable.

In this first of a series of conversations about pleasure, my special guest, Amanda Testa shares tips on how to discover what is pleasurable to you. You’ll learn how sensual self-care practices can help regulate the nervous system and help you to feel more grounded, resilient, and energized. She shows us how to tune into the body’s wisdom for an energetic yes or no.

You’ll learn how to talk to your partner and explore pleasure together even if you feel embarrassed. Amanda shares two simple pleasure practices you can do anywhere. Plus, we cover how to talk to your daughter about pleasure.



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Enjoy this 15-minute practice to go from feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, to feeling refreshed and alive in your body!

Amanda Testa

Amanda Testa

Special Guest

Amanda Testa is a soulful, heart-centered expert when it comes to sex and relationships. She helps overwhelmed professional women and couples reconnect to themselves and their partners.

Her unique proven process, The Feminine Fire Method combines neuroscience and nervous system regulation, with ancient practices from Tantra and Taoism, to help women heal their relationship to their sexuality so they can eliminate shame and guilt; OWN their confidence; feel like a Goddess in their skin, and have the deeply connected relationships they desire. 

She’s also the mama to a gorgeous 8-year-old girl, wife to her sexy hubs, and the host of the Find your Feminine Fire podcast.  

Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching is what she does; awakening women to their sexual power, confidence, and worthiness of who she is. Her Goal? Helping Busy Mamas ditch the guilt and overwhelm and live a life with a lot more pleasure and fun.


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