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Episode 040: Dogs, Kids & PTSD with Ryan Matthews

When we hear a soldier has PTSD we often assume it was from a war, yet often PTSD is actually caused by traumatic events from childhood such as molestation, domestic or community violence, and other frightening events. My guest, Ryan Matthews shares subtle examples of...

Episode039: Addressing Trauma Related Substance Abuse in Families with Jennifer Maneely

What do you do when a family member is abusing drugs or alcohol? What about when they are lying and stealing from you? How do you protect yourself? Do you standby and watch as they spiral towards rock bottom? Is there anything can you do or say that will get through...

Episode 038: Teach Kids About Money with Victoria Lowell

It’s easy to make financial mistakes when you don’t know any better. Most of us didn’t get much of a financial education. We learned how to count money, balance a checkbook and that money comes from doing work but not how to make money work for us. Many of us live...

Episode 037: How Abusive Relationships Sneak Up On You with Lana Wolfe

Most people don’t knowingly sign up for an abusive relationship. Yet many of us find ourselves in relationships that become more toxic over time. How does this happen? Is it because we ignore warning signs? Were we manipulated? Is it because we grew up with abuse? Are...

Episode 036: Help Your Teen Cope with Isolation During the Pandemic with Kelly Hall

How is being stuck at home impacting your teen? We all know how important friends and social interaction is during the teenage years. Like many of us, teens are struggling to adapt and may feel isolated, depressed or even suicidal during this time. How do you...

Episode 009: Why Do We Push Love Away? with Dr Gary Salyer

Why do relationships fail? Why do we seem doomed to attract the same type of partner instead of learning from our mistakes so that the next one can last forever? What you may not realize is that how your parents interacted with each other and with you left an imprint...

Episode 003: Sexual Health the Wise Woman Way with Susun Weed

Are there natural ways to deal with STDs and other sexual health concerns such as low libido, vaginal dryness, mood swings, cramps, PMS and more? In this episode, Robin has an insightful conversation with wise woman, herbalist and author Susun Weed. You’ll discover...

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