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Episode 012: Stop the Madness! Reinventing Sex For Women

Have you ever laid down the ground rules with a date before you started fooling around only to have them push the limits of what you agreed to? Suddenly you’re in the awkward position of saying “NO”. Or going along with something you clearly stated was a line you...

Episode 011: Are you walking wounded? Healing Sexual Trauma with Amrita Grace

Did you know that everyone has experienced sexual wounding? Everyone. Whether you were touched inappropriately, had sex when you didn’t want to, or were humiliated in some way. Maybe you experienced something more traumatic. These experiences color our view of...

Episode 010: How to Tame the Negative Voices and Boost Self-Confidence with Jacqui Letran

Do you ever hear your inner voice telling yourself “You should have known better!” or “You blew it, again!”? We all make mistakes and have an inner voice that tells us “Look what you did, you messed up!” What happens when we hear that negative voice most of the time?...

Episode 009: Why Do We Push Love Away? with Dr Gary Salyer

Why do relationships fail? Why do we seem doomed to attract the same type of partner instead of learning from our mistakes so that the next one can last forever? What you may not realize is that how your parents interacted with each other and with you left an imprint...

Episode 008: Leadership in the Family Unit with Annie Hyman Pratt

You may not think of yourself as a leader in your daily life, but as a parent you are leader and your children look to you for guidance every day. The internet is full of articles such as; “Why Good Leaders Make Better Parents and Vice Versa” and “Eight Leadership...

Episode 003: Sexual Health the Wise Woman Way with Susun Weed

Are there natural ways to deal with STDs and other sexual health concerns such as low libido, vaginal dryness, mood swings, cramps, PMS and more? In this episode, Robin has an insightful conversation with wise woman, herbalist and author Susun Weed. You’ll discover...

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