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Episode 032: The Psychology of Erectile Dysfunction with Dr Gary Bell

Erectile dysfunction can undermine a man’s confidence and increase his anxiety in the bedroom. Since the 90’s erectile dysfunction diagnoses have skyrocketed with nearly half of all men being affected and young men are not immune. It’s shocking to know that even...

Episode 031: Birth Control in the Zombie Apocalypse with Robin LaCross

One thing people will be doing as the world hunkers down to contain the spread of Covid-19 is have more SEX! It might be you. It might be your teenager. Either way, it’s time to talk about birth control and what to do if you can’t get it. Now whether this is the...

Episode 030: Understanding Childhood Trauma with Dr Gary Bell

Childhood sexual abuse robs children of their innocence and their ability to fit in with their peers. Undisclosed abuse creates distance between the child and parent because there is a secret that must be kept. By its nature it teaches the child to lie in order to...

Episode 029: The Evolved Masculine with Destin Gerek

How do we raise boys to be good men? Masculinity has been under the microscope with the explosion of the #metoo movement and spotlight on toxic masculinity. How do we move forward from here? How do men and women relate to each other in healthy ways? There is a growing...

Episode 028: Cervical Orgasms with Olivia Bryant

Have you ever had a cervical orgasm? Most women don’t associate the cervix with pleasure. If anything, it’s a mysterious organ that’s often discussed in medical terms. Yet, the cervix is magical in that it can stretch wide enough for a baby to be birthed and close...

Episode 017: Sacred Sex, Orgasms and Pregnancy with Tatianna Berindei

Discovering sacred sexuality at 16 changed Tatianna’s life by showing her that there was much more to sex than her peers were aware of at their tender age. While we may want to deny the sexual urges of teens, the powerful impact of hormones during the major hormonal...

Episode 014: Fireside Chat with Robin & Kathleen Gonzalez

Do you know people who are good at making their dreams come true? It’s almost like a super power, but it’s not, there’s a science to it and a step by step process. Join Robin and her special guest, Kathleen Gonzalez as they celebrate the phenomenal success of the 13...

Video: Finding My Voice

Feeling inspired after speaking with Amrita Grace about my own struggles with finding my voice. Just saying "Hi!" Talking about the direction of the radio show. I'd love to hear from you! Check out Amrita's Interview HereSubscribe on your favorite platform. Find me...

Episode 009: Why Do We Push Love Away? with Dr Gary Salyer

Why do relationships fail? Why do we seem doomed to attract the same type of partner instead of learning from our mistakes so that the next one can last forever? What you may not realize is that how your parents interacted with each other and with you left an imprint...

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