Episode 017: Sacred Sex, Orgasms and Pregnancy

featuring Tatianna Berindei

Discovering sacred sexuality at 16 changed Tatianna’s life by showing her that there was much more to sex than her peers were aware of at their tender age. While we may want to deny the sexual urges of teens, the powerful impact of hormones during the major hormonal transitions of puberty, pregnancy and menopause is undeniable. Tatianna shares how pregnancy changed her experience of orgasm and how a difficult birth left her feeling ashamed about her body and impacted her sex life. She shares how radical honesty and therapeutic lovemaking helped her to heal.

“Can you keep a secret?” Many women will suffer in silence or avoid sex rather than tell their partner that sex is painful. While keeping a secret can be centered on trust, when important information is hidden it creates distance within the relationship. Join Robin and her guest Tatiana Berindei, as they explore these topics and others including how to address and heal shame. Don’t miss this fascinating conversation!




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Whether it’s claiming your voice, stepping more fully into your work in the world, honing your superpowers, connecting more deeply with yourself and your partner, or learning to have totally mind-blowing sex, intimacy and connection, Tatiana and the Super Power Experts can guide you in embodying a more complete version of yourself. Book yourself a free consult to see if working together is the right fit for you.

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Tatiana Berindei

Tatiana Berindei

Special Guest

Tatiana Berindei is the Creative Director of Super Power Experts, host of the Sex, Love and SuperPowers show and a Super Power Program Guide, Tatiana uses her years of deep spiritual study and practice to guide people into a more heart-centered way of living and being. Committed to practicing synergistic collaboration, Tatiana’s work with Super Power Experts fulfills her deep desire to create lasting, positive change in our collective psyche. When she’s not knee-deep with SPE, Tatiana can be found with her family and friends, digging in the dirt, creating and sitting in ceremony, making music, singing to flowers (and people) and shouting from the mountaintops.

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