Episode 025: Creating Sacred Love That Lasts

featuring Emunah

Do you wish for an amazing, passionate, connected romantic relationship? Are you still searching for “The One”? Once you find a great partner, how do you keep them? What about keeping the love alive as time goes by especially in our modern fast paced world? If you know deep in your bones that there’s something more, you’ll want to tune in for my interview with Emunah as we discuss how to attract a high quality partner who’s ready to meet you where you are at.

You’ll learn how to consciously create your relationship, how to use the power of love and sexual connection for manifestation and what to do to keep the spark alive over the long term. Emunah will share her proven formula that will help you to attract and keep sacred love that lasts. Unfortunately, most of us don’t put the care and attention to our most important relationships and frequently take them for granted. Even the most hardy plant will die for lack of water. Tune in to discover how to create sacred love that lasts.

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Free Gift:

The 3 Keys to Sacred Orgasmic Love that lasts

3 part short video series to help you ignite your own Sacred Love.

You’ll discover:

The Keys to Sacred Passionate Lasting Love

What you need to know to Stop Suffering NOW in your intimate relationships

How to turn on the attraction and connection in you relationship ad keep it alive

Be inspired and have a tool you can share with a partner to invite them into Sacred Love with you in 2020. 

Let’s create more love. The tools you need are here. and once you register for your free gift you will be entered to win a Sacred Love breakthrough session with Emunah During this Sacred Love Breakthrough session ($250 value) you will:

Create a crystal clear vision for the kind of relationship that you’d like to attract and the kind of relationship that you’d like to have (or if in a relationship now, get clear on exactly how you would like it to be).

Discover what’s important for you to receive and have in your sacred love.

Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with love and relationships.

Leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired and know how to finally have Sacred Love that lasts!



Special Guest

Emunah specializes in Sacred Love. She has dedicated herself to having, being, sharing and teaching others how to have Sacred Love that Lasts… Sounds uncanny at this time in our world where 50% of marriages end in divorce and of the rest; many are staying together but not truly fulfilled. It’s time to shift that and Emunah has learned many tools on her journey that have helped singles find and keep their true love. She has reignited the sparks and love in many marriages headed to divorce, and has even facilitated conscious endings to relationships that have expired and helped both partners to heal and attract their next sacred love. She has studied this for over 20 years, Because LOVE is Sacred. Love is a gift and Sacred loving relationships benefit all. Teacher, healer, Intuitive and Mystic, Emunah Transmits this love and energy to all she encounters.


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