Episode 035: Protect Kids Online During Covid-19

featuring Tova Garr

Kids are home and spending a lot of time on the computer and cell phones. How do you keep them safe when they get bored with their schoolwork and start wandering online when they’re smarter than you when it comes to techy stuff? It’s not possible for you to watch them every second.

Join me and my special guest, Tova Garr as we share how to keep up with the latest social media apps your kids are using, how to identify signs of screen addiction, and how to talk about the dangers of sharing nude photos. By age 11 most kids have seen graphic porn and many feel traumatized by what they’ve seen. Tova shares how to protect your child from what can’t be unseen.

You’ll also discover how to find out what your child is doing online without spying or prying. With all this time at home, it’s a perfect time to have some of these important conversations that will keep your child safe while online. You won’t want to miss this highly informative conversation to get you started!


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7 Day Social Media Boot Camp

This 7 day social media boot camp for parents will bring you up to speed on what you need to know about the world your teen is living in to today- a must for any parent of a child over 6

Tova Garr

Tova Garr

Special Guest

Tova Garr is the CEO and founder of From Girls 2 Women an organization dedicated to strengthening the mother – daughter relationship, strengthening the Parent – teen relationship and educating parents about their teens and social media. Tova’s work focuses on supporting and mentoring teens and helping parents understand and support their kids through the challenges of adolescence. Tova runs mother – daughter workshops, workshops and lectures for parents on all teen issues especially social media, she also runs group coaching programs and provides one-on-one coaching.

Tova has spent over 20 years working with teens and young adults around the world, in Israel, the US, Australia, South Africa, the former Soviet Union and more. Tova is committed to bridging the gap between parents and teens and making sure parents know how to talk to their teens in a way that they can hear it! 

You can find out more about Tova at: www.tovagarr.com

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