Episode 026: How Horses Can Help Heal Sexual Trauma

featuring Julie Meyers

When sexual boundaries are crossed during childhood it can have profound and far reaching consequences, sometimes in ways that are quite unexpected. In today’s conversation my guest, Julie Meyers shares how partnering with horses can be a powerful way to heal sexual trauma, break through limiting beliefs and release old patterns that no longer serve.

Julie shares her experience of strength and hope and how horses have transformed her life, helping to release the grip sexual trauma has had over her life. You’ll learn how trauma can be stored in the body and passed down to future generations. Why some women are affected by medical conditions that often no cause can be found like fibromyalgia, pelvic pain syndromes and migraines.

Julie shares an experience of trauma release that she felt all the way down to her cellular tissues. Join us for this powerful conversation and learn how horses can transform the lives of those who have experienced sexual trauma during childhood.

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The 3 Ways Sexual Trauma Shows Up In the Daily Lives of Survivors

An article chronicling my personal experience with the common and unexpected ways that childhood sexual trauma has affected my life, plus definitions of trauma, and a call to action for those who may have unresolved issues that could be wreaking havoc in their lives to look more closely inward. I also discuss events that women have told me over the years, that some have felt are not “big enough” to be considered traumatic, and ask my reader to decide for themselves, based on the definitions of trauma.

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Julie Meyers

Julie Meyers

Special Guest

Julie Meyers is a Gestalt practitioner who partners with horses to support women who have suffered sexual trauma, toxic relationships, body dysmorphia, and pelvic pain issues. She helps those that are mothers to work through unhealthy patterns from their own childhood that are negatively affecting their parenting. Gestalt is an interactive, therapeutic modality which gets to core issues and trauma quickly, healing them effectively. Horses have an innate ability to lower internal barriers, getting at what’s holding someone back and are active partners in the coaching process. She does Equine Gestalt Coaching in small groups, one-on-one, and retreats, as well as coaches by phone. She is currently seeing clients on a Ranch in Cave Creek, Arizona with a horse that is calm, intuitive, and who loves to interact with people. Her biggest goal is to inspire others to find and become their dreams so that joy becomes the norm.

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