Episode 027: Find Your Map To Love: Understanding Attachment

featuring Gary Salyer

Do you know how your subconscious mind sabotages your relationships? By the time we are one-year old our blueprint for love has been established. In the decades that follow, our relationships play out according to this subconscious “love map” gifted to us by our caretakers. In this enlightening conversation between guest Dr. Gary Salyer and I, you’ll discover how the way we bonded with our parents as babies impacts our current relationships.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people seem to be lucky at love while others strike out time after time, Dr. Gary will explain why and what can be done so that even most unlucky at love can FINALLY find love that lasts. Once you find your beloved, Dr. Gary will share exactly what to do to keep your relationship strong, connected and full of love for decades to come. Anyone who is interested in love, who wants to create healthy attachments or wants to know how to create a lasting relationship full of joy will enjoy this conversation.

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Gary Salyer

Gary Salyer

Special Guest

Dr. Gary D. Salyer is the creator of the Safe to Love Again™ and the Extraordinary Couples™ Retreats along with a variety of other programs. A former graduate professor and the author of Safe to Love Again: How to Release the Pain of Past Relationships and Attract Your Soul Mate. After Dr. Gary Salyer’s first divorce, he vowed that his next marriage would be different. So when his second marriage crumbled almost a decade later for nearly the same reasons he was devastated. He felt like an utter, complete failure. But rather than give in, he was determined to find another way. He committed to not being that guy who bounced from marriage to marriage, never really learning anything. He dedicated himself to doing the deep research about all things love. He dove into the deep transformation work that unlocked his heart and released his soul to love as he had always imagined.

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