Episode 057: Your Body As A Sacred Space

featuring Sophia Wise One

Imagine the most amazing place you have ever personally experienced. Remember how it made you feel. In your mind’s eye, travel back to that place and drink in the awe and the wonder, the emotions you felt. What made that place special? Most would agree it’s something about the energy or the vibration of the place. Whether it’s a place of beauty or significance, or a church, temple or other sacred place, we often pause to catch our breath or bow our head upon entering.

What if we were to treat our own bodies with such reverence? To acknowledge that our bodies are sacred and a source of divine inspiration and practical information. If only we were to slow down and take the time to understand the messages our body sends, to normalize and honor natural functions such as menstruation. In my conversation with Sophia Wise One, we explore the magic of time and attention, pleasure, and how we can shift our own narrative by verbalizing what feels good and feeding our pleasure responses.


Ancestral Webinar

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Robin’s Interview on Sophia’s podcast, Vagina Talks:
Natural Birth Control, HPV education/STD prevention

Sophia’s Website:


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Sacred Bleeding Kit

This downloadable eBook (usually $11.11) includes an overview of sacred menstruation principles, the basic intuitive link between womb and spirit, and instructions on how to build, create, and soulfully practice during this holy time. This ebook includes links to videos, talks, and guided meditations.

Sophia Wise One

Sophia Wise One

Special Guest

Speaker, singer, mentor, transformational storyteller, visionary, and prayer of prayers. She is the host of two global podcasts: “Vagina Talks” and “Medicine Caller”. Sophia makes temples everywhere she goes where people claim their sacredness, define it for themselves, and remember who they truly are. She trains professional medicine callers to trust and optimize their medicine through self-mastery, soul unification, skill refinement, and ancestral reclamation. She is the creator and author of I LOVE MY LIFE: Oracle Deck and Academy. She also runs a virtual Temple. A child mystic who has been a professional Medicine Caller for over twenty years, she is trained in over twenty different modalities. Known for her candor and love, digging deep, laughing the whole way.


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