Episode 052: Why The Pill Won’t Fix Your Period

featuring Cassandra Wilder

The birth control pill sparked a revolution for women in many ways giving us the freedom to engage sexually without fear of pregnancy and the ability to focus on careers by making it easier to choose if and when to have a baby. The Pill has been liberating in many ways yet there’s also a dark side. When menstruation is troublesome, birth control pills are frequently used to suppress symptoms. It’s important to realize that the pill won’t fix your period and could make things worse in the long term.

My special guest, naturopathic doctor Cassandra Wilder, believes that women should have all the facts before using the pill. Discover why a natural solution may be the answer to underlying hormonal imbalances causing weight gain, PMS, heavy bleeding, acne, and other symptoms. In this important conversation, you’ll learn about the infradian rhythm, the four phases of the cycle, and how to reclaim menstruation as sacred.

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Cassandra Wilder

Cassandra Wilder

Special Guest

Cassandra Wilder is a Naturopathic Doctor and the leading expert in women’s cyclical health and menstruation. Known online as the Menstruation Queen, Cassandra is pioneering a new conversation around menstruation to help women heal their painful and irregular cycles from a place of empowerment and sovereignty.

Known for her passion and wisdom in women’s wellness and reproductive health, she is a seminar speaker and leader bridging the gap between science and spirituality. She is also the CEO of GoddessCeremony, the Host of the GoddessCeremony Podcast, and the author of a women’s health book to be published later in 2020. You can connect with her at www.cassandrawilder.com

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