Episode 049: Menstruation As The Messenger

featuring De’Nicea Hilton

Are you creating a culture of silence within your household? You may be doing this without realizing it and may miss out on a wealth of information as a result. How you address menstruation with your daughter will set the tone and how open she is with you about sensitive topics. Most don’t realize that menstruation can give you important clues about the health of the female body.

In this fascinating conversation with De’Nicea Hilton, you’ll discover how menstruation is a “messenger” that can tell us a great deal about our overall health. She shares how diet plays a role and how educating girls about the connection can lead to healthier eating habits. We know menstruation can be awkward to talk about so De’Nicea shares how to lighten the conversation to make it easier to talk to your son or daughter about this taboo topic.

What? Talk to your son about menstruation? You bet! Tune in to this fun and engaging conversation to learn how to reframe the whole conversation around menstruation.


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De’Nicea Hilton

De’Nicea Hilton

Special Guest

De’Nicea Hilton invites you on a journey where serious healing doesn’t have to be taken so seriously. She creates Playful Healing Spaces for perfectionists to Discover, Explore and Experience their healing journey in ways they hadn’t before – one where their Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health goes on a playful adventure.

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You’ll catch De’Nicea, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Integrated Healing Consultant, teaching, laughing, and having fun along the way in the Re-Creation Center membership, UnSlumber Party Retreats or on the upcoming Playful Healing Journeys Podcast.

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