Episode 045: Celebrating Coming of Age

featuring Barbara Hanneloré

A woman’s fertility cycle is a rhythm of nature, like the moon and seasons. It allows her to feel connected to something eternal and meaningful, this can help women and girls find ways to work with her cycle instead of fighting against it by medicating it, hiding it and pretending it’s just any other day.

When women tap into the energy of their monthly cycle it gives them access to a huge source of power, helping them to be comfortable with their bodies, and allowing them to anticipate their changing needs form week to week instead of doing their best to ignore them!

In this episode, Barbara Hanalore helps moms prepare for their daughters’ coming of age, offers many suggestions for moms themselves including ways of looking at their own relationship with their cycle and to examine their own coming of age experiences. Tune in to discover new ways to help make the conversation around menstruation easier for all involved!


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Booklet PDF: How to Celebrate Your Daughter’s Coming of Age

This Booklet offers 90 tips for conversation, gifts, projects, health and more, to help you and your daughter mark her passage through puberty in a way appropriate for you both! The booklet is now part of the Mother’s Moon Kit, which offers even more ideas for you, and comes with a year-long series of self-care emails.

Along with your Booklet PDF, you will receive a code for 20% off the Mother’s Moon Kit.

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Barbara Hanneloré

Barbara Hanneloré

Special Guest

Barbara Hanneloré is an author, speaker, and mentor, helping women re-connect with the rhythms of nature as a feminine way of power. She has been sharing a new paradigm for the menstrual cycle, for over 20 years. Barbara is author of the award-winning book, The Moon and You, a Woman’s Guide to an Easier Monthly Cycle. She created the Mother’s MOON Kit to help mothers prepare for their daughters’ coming of age, and also hosts a 4-month Menopause Circle which meets weekly online. Many years ago she realized that we were entirely missing the gifts that our cycles have for us, and she invites you to join her for a creative re-discovery of this inner wisdom!

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