Episode 030: Understanding Childhood Trauma

featuring Dr Gary Bell

Childhood sexual abuse robs children of their innocence and their ability to fit in with their peers. Undisclosed abuse creates distance between the child and parent because there is a secret that must be kept. By its nature it teaches the child to lie in order to maintain the secret. It creates isolation because it’s not safe to let anyone get too close.

My guest, Dr. Gary Bell points out that “the consequences of how children feel about themselves can really wreak their lives in high school” in the form of reckless behavior, unsafe sex, drug & alcohol use and other ways of acting out. Dr. Gary shares how parents can support their children after experiencing trauma so that they have the opportunity to recover without their life spiraling out of control. In this powerful conversation Dr. Gary shares his insights to help parents walk this delicate path.



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Dr Gary Bell

Dr Gary Bell

Special Guest

Dr Gary Bell has an Ed.D. in Psychology and a LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) in California and Washington. He has worked over 600 critical incidents nationally and was the West Coast Crisis responder for the cruise lines. The primary focus is on first responders, debriefing and specialize in the treatment of Acute Trauma and PTSD. He has taught various psychology topics at the University of California at Fullerton, and San Bernardino, US Dept of Defense and various other locations. He is the host of Dr. Gary Bell’s Absurd Psychology on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel. Prior to practicing as a sole practitioner in Southern California for 18 years and the last two years with Seattle Christian Counseling in Seattle, WA. Currently, he has a Christian book called “The Good Book of Mental Hygiene” to be published in March.

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