Episode 043: Stop Binge Eating At Night

featuring Kevin Burciaga

Are you someone who spends a little too much time snacking, especially at night? Do you find yourself overeating and binging on foods you love even though you know you know you’re not making healthy choices? Why is it so easy to give into temptation when it comes to food? How can we eat healthy when the cards are stacked against us? Foods are loaded with sugar and fats that pack on the pounds.

Many of our foods are even designed to make us want to eat more! Many feel like they gain weight just by looking at food. How frustrating it is to try and lose weight only to just keep gaining more. We all know dieting doesn’t work. So how do we eat in a way that causes us to drop weight and stay healthy.

In this episode, my special guest Kevin Burciaga and I explore the psychology behind binge eating and ways to shift unhealthy eating patterns and beliefs so that you can achieve and maintain a healthy weight. 



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Eating disorders, eating psychology, creating new habits, men’s health, diet and nutrition

Kevin Burciaga

Kevin Burciaga

Special Guest

Kevin Burciaga dealt with multiple eating disorders in his 20’s before he developed his own method to overcome them. Now he teaches his method of recovery, the Empowered Eating System, to students, young professionals, athletes, and men to help them eat right, anytime, anywhere. 

Kevin’s mission is to help 100,000 young professionals, men, and students overcome eating disorders. 

Kevin is a physical therapist and a YouTuber. He lives in Modesto, CA, where he sees patients, but helps people all over the world with his coaching business. He is also a son and a brother. In his free time, he likes to workout, read, learn, make videos, and travel.


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