Episode 019: Solving #Metoo

featuring Julia Kline

Who was more trusted in America than Bill Cosby after the Cosby show? Harvey Weinstein entertained the world by producing 198 movies. McDonald’s, the world’s second largest employer is under fire for not protecting workers against sexual harassment. What do they all have in common? These incidents shed light on an epidemic of sexual harassment and assault facilitated by “systems” that enable perpetrators to abuse others with little fear of consequences, often for decades.

Join me and my guest Julia Kline as we  break down the steps needed to solve the #metoo crisis. We explore the role of personal responsibility and how our hands off approach to boys sociosexual education and interpersonal relationships does them a disservice. It sets the stage for the behaviors that lead to #metoo situations. By examining the systems that make it costly for victims to speak out and easy for those in power to get away with terrible crimes, we begin to understand how to solve the #metoo crisis.




Julia’s Website:


Julia Kline

Julia Kline

Special Guest

Julia Kline is a speaker, author, coach and podcaster whose work focuses on interpersonal power dynamics, especially those involving love and money. 

Her books include the bestseller, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Sleaze-Free Selling and the forthcoming, Heal Your Sales Wounds™. Both books examine the power dynamics at play in any selling situation. They teach how to get more of what you want, without exerting force or abuse on others, by standing firmly in your own authentic power.

In January 2020 she’s launching Solving #MeToo, a podcast that seeks to prompt deeper conversations among men, women and others about power, abuse and healing. Her goals with the podcast are:  #1 to stop abuse #2 to prompt healing #3 to fix toxic systems and #4 to do all that with compassion and forgiveness, rather than vengeance and punitiveness. 

To learn more about Julia and her work, to pick up a copy of either book, or to get on the early notification list for the podcast, please visit JuliaKline.com.

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