Episode 042: Leading Imperfectly in Uncertain Times

featuring James Robilotta

Are you a perfectionist? Are you able to keep your relationships running smoothly when tensions are high and life happens? Do you know the best way to support your partner or child when they are having a bad day? What does any of this have to do with leadership?

My special guest, comedian and author, James Robilotta shows us how leading imperfectly puts us in a position of strength. When we lead from a place of compassion we’re able to move mountains. Leaders are often faced with difficult situations and may not have a clear map of how to navigate to the other side. Parents sometimes find themselves in that position every day! What do you do when you have no idea what to do and everyone is looking at you for guidance? Fake it until you make it?

James shares powerful stories and uses humor to get his point across. He gives listeners some of his best leadership tips that anyone can use to become a more effective leader at home and in the community.

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Book description: There is a problem in today’s developing leaders-they think they need to be someone they are not to get what they want. In short, none of us is perfect, and when we pretend to be, people quit listening to us. Instead, we need to focus on trying to connect with others. Leading Imperfectly is full of examples for how to make those connections. The book is divided into a series of short, often humorous, and always insightful essays filled with real-life stories from James’ own life. The through line for the book is the significance of practicing authentic leadership.

 James’ Books

 James Robilotta

James Robilotta

Special Guest

James Robilotta he’s an author, speaker, coach, & entrepreneur. His book is titled: Leading Imperfectly. He speaks internationally to willing & unwilling attendees about authenticity & vulnerability in leadership & life. His clients include AMEX, GE, & others. He’s also an experienced stand-up & improv comedian.

James is also a life coach who hosts his own events multiple times a year. They are 2-day events called Living Imperfectly Live. They are a space where humans from every walk of life can come together to be part of a community in the pursuit of badassery. The goal is to help attendees start living the life we say we want to live. 

To learn more, visit his website JamesTRobo.com

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