Episode 036: Help Your Teen Cope with Isolation During the Pandemic

featuring Kelly Hall

How is being stuck at home impacting your teen? We all know how important friends and social interaction is during the teenage years. Like many of us, teens are struggling to adapt and may feel isolated, depressed or even suicidal during this time. How do you recognize the signs and reach out so that they don’t feel so alone? It can be difficult for teens to open up about what’s really going on inside and may resist sharing with a parent.

Kelly Hall specializes in working with teens on their mindset. She offers parents some tips on how to monitor their teen’s mood, ways to inspire them for the future and suggestions to help them cope with social distancing from their friends. Kelly’s insights and suggestions will help parents and teens thrive during the pandemic.

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At the bottom of that is the link to my website, under programs is a free webinar “3 Easy Ways to Create a Bond With Your Teen…even if you think they want nothing to do with you” they can get instant access to this by entering their email address.


Kelly Hall

Kelly Hall

Special Guest

Kelly Hall is a speaker and Transformational Mindset Coach who works with teenagers. She speaks at High Schools with her main message being “You Matter”. She loves to inspire them to look within themselves and realize they are powerful and already have what they need inside to succeed. 

When coaching her clients, one on one, she teaches a strong and successful mindset rooted in self love and connection. She teaches them HOW to think, not WHAT to think! After working together to imagine the life they want to create for themselves, Kelly helps them to see what steps to take to achieve those dreams. She brings passion and purpose to every session, conversation and public talk.


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