Be persuasive: how to Have Difficult Conversations

Whether you are dealing with your child’s latest tantrum or disagreeing with your partner about finances, we find ourselves having conversations we’d rather not have every day. Conversations that cause anxiety and frustration. Often they don’t go as planned It’s easy to see why we’d rather avoid talking about it. Yet putting off a difficult conversation today can lead to an even bigger problem tomorrow. 


The question is; how do you say what needs to be said and get the results you want without  triggering their defenses and another disagreement that accomplishes nothing? If the same arguments keep coming up, then it’s time for a different approach. 


My 5 week course, Be Persuasive: How to have Successful Conversations, outlines a step by step approach for results you want from your most important and hardest conversations. You’ll discover how to:


  • Have more harmonious relationships through better communication


  • Raise difficult issues without backing the other person into a corner 


  • Maintain your focus now matter how the other party reacts


  • Resolve the problems once and for all


Aw shucks! You missed it.


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